Hallows' Eve and the Pumpkin Dream

In October of 2010, Adam and his six-year-old daughter wanted to make a little Halloween film to share with friends and family.  The entire thing was envisioned, recorded, and pieced together in about two and half weeks, and shot entirely on their family's Canon PowerShot SD970.

Much of the short was filmed on location at Thompson Farms in Boring, Oregon, while the rest was recorded at various spots near their Portland home.

During its production, Adam would zip home from work each evening, Natalie would hop in the car, and they'd utilize the last 30 minutes of daylight to shoot as much as possible. Adam utilized a portable green screen to shoot some of the composite shots at home in their kitchen.

Both Adam and Natalie hope you enjoy watching it.

Woge (a Grimm Retelling)

In the Fall of 2012, after Adam wrapped his visual effects work on the NBC television series Grimm, he and his (then 3-year-old) daughter, Maggie, were inspired to parodize a specific scene from the show.

This is what happened when Adam took a scene from Grimm and replaced one of the characters with Maggie.

Woge (VOH-gə; Germ. Wogen "surge"), named from the psychological impulse that drives it, refers to the act of morphing into one's Wesen form.

Watch the original scene here.

The Paranormal Prank

In October of 2017, Adam and his daughter Natalie had another fun idea for a Halloween short.   They spent a couple hours storyboarding it out, two nights shooting, and seven nights of editing & compositing.

They recruited Sager kid #3 (Corbin, age 6) to play the paranormal prankster, as well as a kind neighbor and a former student of Adam's to take turns as the seemingly invisible puppeteers.

And thus, after many scattered hours over the course of about 9 days, it all came together into "The Paranormal Prank."


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