Adam C. Sager

Writer | Director | Producer | Visual Effects Supervisor

In 2010, following a year of visual effects work on Henry Selick’s stop-motion film Coraline, Adam was inspired to create Hallows' Eve and the Pumpkin Dream... a short, 2-minute fantasy film featuring his then 6-year-old daughter.
Through that small beginning, Adam discovered within himself a passion and love for the telling of fantastical tales... his expertise in the realm of VFX serving as the perfect ally towards their creation.

Adam has since brought his talents to TV series like The Librarians, Grimm and Cosmos: Possible Worlds, as well as award-winning shorts like the Tribeca-selected and TIFF-winning animated short Two Balloons.

In 2015, Adam debuted his talents through the creation of Kimbra’s Wish... a highly technical Snow White tribute featuring Grammy award-winning vocalist Kimbra. After viewing the tribute and sharing it with his widely revered braintrust, Disney•Pixar president Ed Catmull emailed Adam and Kimbra to say,

"I was blown away with how good it is. The music and performance, the art, and the production value are all really extraordinary and beautiful. Thank you for making this work of art.”

In 2019, Adam accepted an invitation to co-direct a musical theater production of Mary Poppins while also supervising VFX for the Facebook original series The Birch. His affinity for child-like wonder and the ever-expanding horizons of human imagination are always beckoning him to venture towards the next creative endeavor.

Adam hopes Pumpkin Dream Films will serve to influence our world towards a more child-like condition... a world in which wars are fought with sticks, the lines in the sand get washed away by the rain, and the villains are transformed back into our friends by supper time.

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